Wayne State University

College of Education Building Description

The College of Education is located on the main campus of Wayne State University in the heart of downtown Detroit, Michigan. The present day College of Education was designed by world-renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki. It sits on Wayne State University’s Gullen Mall, which offers students and faculty near amenities such as the Student Union, Recreation and Fitness Center, Kresge Graduate Library, and parking structures. The College of Education is surrounded by a multitude of trees and open space with outdoor seating for students and faculty. The 4-story building has 16 instructional rooms and numerous faculty offices. Each floor has student lounge areas, which overlook Wayne State University’s campus. Hallways are covered with student work, faculty publications, and information about education related opportunities. The College of Education provides students an information station on the main floor, along with open resource stations with support staff. Over the last two years, classrooms have been updated with the latest technology conducive to supportive learning environments. In addition, the COE provides students with counseling offices, a computer lab, a curriculum services center, research support laboratory, and academic advising. In addition to taking courses in College of Education building, students take courses at Old Main and State Hall. Old Main is where Wayne State University began in 1868 and is full of rich history and architecture. State Hall lies in the center of campus and is filled with classrooms, student study lounges, and updated technology. Wayne State University’s College of Education is foundational for students and faculty as they journey together in becoming effective urban educators. 

 The following updates and renovations have been made within the last two years:

  • Spring/Summer 2014 the university renovated and upgraded the technology in the following rooms on the first floor:
    • #149, #189, #155, #169 and #171
    • Each of these rooms have new heating/cooling, new floors, painted and new white/chalkboards. Additionally, these rooms are equipped with new technology that consists of instructor stations with everything an instructor would be to conduct class.They are able to bring a flash-drive and pull up what they need.New monitors and new speakers in the rooms.
  • Spring Break of 2015 the following rooms were upgraded in technology equipment:
    • #200, #204, #253 and #255
    • Each of these rooms now have new smartboards that enable the instructor to use a flash-drive and pull up what they need.
  • Computer Labs
    • #112 – 30 stations with new Mac Desktop computers (Windows/Apple Platforms)
    • #114.6 – 20 station with new Mac Desktop computers (Windows/Apple Platforms)
    • #384 – IT Computer Lab with 26 stations
    • #114 – Education Technology Center – Open area for COE students to work on projects, with 22 Apple iMac dual platform (Windows/Mac) desktop workstations. Mobile computing options for use in classrooms include a 20 piece iPad cart, and 3 laptop carts each equipped with 15 Apple MacBook Air laptop computers.
  • Information Station
    • Remodeled from computer lab to 3 offices and central meeting area for special events.
  • #179 Classroom
    • Classroom with monitor and technology station for instructors