Wayne State University

Assignments & Rubrics

The following Assignments are required for all candidates in Initial Certification Programs:

Capstone Conversation & Exit Surveys

The purpose of this experience to articulate your understandings of what it means to be an Effective Urban Educator: Reflective, Innovative, and Committed to Diversity. After your student teaching experience, you will meet with University faculty, School personnel, and other stakeholders to discuss your understandings of effective teaching by using your portfolio to guide your discussions.

Case Study

The purpose of the case study is to observe by being a kidwatcher (Goodman, 1978) in order to understand how to support one student, overtime. You will be expected to create a written report by using the College of Education Case Study Framework (COE CSF) adapted from Stephens & Story (2000). Through the use of the observation chart you will document specific learning events of your target student and then interpret these events. You will be expected to turn in this chart with the written report. Through these observations and interpretations you will be expected to make a hypothesis about the learning events. These observations put you in a position to make effective curriculum decisions and write a plan for differentiated learning.

Clinical Observation Evaluation

The purpose of the clinical observation evaluation is for teaching candidates to be observed throughout their internships for all phases of student teaching: Phase 1 internship (general classroom pre-student teaching internship); Phase 2 internship (general classroom student teaching internship, special education, early childhood classroom teaching internship for students in related programs). These observations will provide an ongoing context in which candidates can receive feedback on their teaching and engage in coaching conversations with their mentor teachers and field instructors.

Lesson Plan Assignment

Lesson plans are the basis for effective instruction. The purpose of this assignment is to create an instructional framework for (a) organizing content, learning activities and materials; (b) assessing students' progress, and (c) evaluating one's own teaching.

Student Teaching E-Portfoilo

The purpose of the student teaching e-portfoilo is for all teaching candidates to create e-portfoilos as part of their program requirements. These e-portfoilos are used as authentic resources for job seeking and interviewing, but also serve as tools for artifacts of candidates' learning and growth. Each candidate uses his/her e-portfoilo as a tool for Capstone Conversation, a day of group interview-style dialogue about teaching and learning.

Teaching Self-Study with Digital Video

The purpose of the ongoing teaching self-study with digital video is to reflect on teaching and learning in the classroom and how it is critical to growing as an educator. Teaching candidates will engage in professional self-study by digitally recording videos of their own teaching, analyzing the videos, and engaging in professional dialogue about the videos in order to carefully examine their own teaching practice.